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Welcome To Legal Kush Farm. The Best Mail Order Marijuana Dispensary In The USA. We Offer A Variety Of Marijuana Flowers of various strains, Delicious And Potent Cannabis Edibles, CBD  Oils, and Many More Marijuana Accessories. Thousands of packages Delivered and loved by thousands across the country..


Highest Quality

We only work with experienced farmers who grow cannabis and weeds without the use of pesticides. All of our products are rigorously tested for quality control in-house. No mold, no worries. Rest assured you’ll only be getting the cream of the crop! The best shopping experience awaits you at Legal Kush Farm. 

Worlwide Shipping

Buy Marijuana Online with worldwide shipping at Legal Kush Farm. We offer discreet shipping worldwide to numerous countries in North And South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Antarctica.

How is marijuana really different today?

At Legal Kush Farm, we’re here to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Today’s marijuana is vastly different from the products of years past. We operate in California where recreational marijuana is legalized. You need to know the way it’s produced has changed greatly, likewise growing and processing methods have scientifically progressed. There are also advancements in manufacturing yielding much higher levels of potency and quality. It can provide a greater range of effects based on your desired effect. So browse through our variety of categories, get more informed before choosing a product for yourself.

Express Delivery Service 24/7

If your order is received after 12pm , it’s going to be shipped the following business day. Any orders received on Saturday will ship on Monday.

Buy Marijuana Online

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Our Products help many people improve their lives and well-being

  • Helps Depression
    The euphoric effects of marijuana can cause relaxation and stimulation. When high on cannabis, individuals may experience a slight decrease depression.
  • Relieves Headache
    Marijuana is fast becoming the best remedy for migraine relief. Some research shows that it may help ease migraine symptoms or possibly keep them from starting.
  • Treats Glaucoma
    Research findings from as early as the 1970s show that both marijuana and THC reduce intraocular pressure, a key contributor to glaucoma.
  • Improves Sleep
    When you have insomnia and have trouble falling asleep, you may rely on marijuana to help you feel more drowsy since it has a relaxing and even sedative-like effect.
  • Improves Appetite
    THC appears to increase our sensitivity to scents and flavors by using naturally occurring neural networks to convince the brain that it’s starving.
  • Reduces Parkinsonism
    Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disorder of the nervous system, and eventually, it will likely affect how someone moves, speaks and writes.

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What our customers say about us

I must say am so grateful for saving my kid, the tinctures I got is a real life saver for my little Jason and since last year it has been of great service to us, if I was to rate you I will gladly say you are so far the best online dispensary I could ever think of and sure to say I will remain a loyal customer

John Milton

I received my order this morning but I didn’t get an extra sample for the the fact that I bought a pound and you guys promised extra grams for sample bag. Anyways happy I received my order here in Kentucky hope I will get the free sample on my next order ,I will like to try some Alaskan thunder and Godfather OG!

Anastasia Cook

Legal Kush Farm is one of those dispensaries that you've probably missed unless you’ve driven past it or heard about it from friends. I know I did, even though it's been around for 9 years or so according to the budtender there.

Lucas Perez

Your speed of shipping is really satisfying, I placed an order in the morning and was very surprised to have the tracking number by mid day and delivery two days later, can't complain because the agent online had told me so. I will always recommend you guys for anyone who wants a quality speedy delivery.

Jaden James

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When talking about a trusted place to 420 Mail Order marijuana online or where to buy marijuana online, We provide the best and most reliable platform for your cannabis related shopping. We are known and trusted by hundreds of clients local and international for our speedy delivery, quality products and reliable quality. Buy Marijuana Online from the #1 marijuana dispensary in USA.